Instagram to eCommerce: How Catchy Peak changed Label Pretz

In the competitive world of fashion, an engaging online presence can make all the difference. Label Pretz, a women’s clothing brand with a strong presence on Instagram, needed a boost to scale their business. However, to scale and meet growing demand, they needed more than just social media. This is where Catchy Peak Digital Marketing Agency stepped in, transforming its online strategy with a cutting-edge eCommerce website.

Label Pretz started with a dream to offer stylish and affordable women’s clothing. Their designs quickly gained popularity on Instagram, where they built a loyal following. However, behind the scenes, they faced challenges like managing orders manually and limited sales capabilities.

When our client, Label Pretz approached Catchy Peak, it was more than just a business transaction – it was a meeting of minds. Catchy Peak took the time to understand Label Pretz’s story and conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify opportunities for growth. The conclusion was clear: an eCommerce website would provide a more efficient and scalable solution for their business needs.

Strategy Development For Label Pretz:

Our strategy for Label Pretz was carefully crafted:

      • Branding and Design: The website wasn’t just functional; it reflected Label Pretz’s ethos – modernity, elegance, and customer-centric.

        • User Experience (UX): Every aspect of the website was crafted to enhance the customer journey, from the homepage to the checkout process.

        • Mobile Optimization: With more shoppers browsing on smartphones, the website was optimized for mobile, ensuring a seamless experience on any device.

      Website Development Process For Label Pretz:

      Developing the website involved several key steps:

          • Planning and Design: Collaborated on blueprints and mock-ups, refining them with feedback from Label Pretz.

          • Development and Testing: Built the website with robust eCommerce functionality and conducted extensive testing to ensure a flawless launch.

        Key Features of the eCommerce Website

        The new website for Label Pretz includes:

            • Product catalogue: Each item was showcased with stunning visuals, and detailed descriptions to attract shoppers.

            • Secure Payment Gateway: A secure and straightforward payment process to enhance customer trust.

              • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Real stories from satisfied customers added authenticity and built trust.

              • SEO Optimization: Implemented SEO best practices to boost search engine rankings and drive traffic, ensuring Label Pretz stood out in online searches.

            Results and Impact

            The impact of the new eCommerce website was substantial:

                • Sales Growth: Label Pretz experienced a surge in sales, proving the effectiveness of their new platform in converting visitors to customers.

                • Customer Engagement: Interactions flourished, with shoppers spending more time on the site and returning for future purchases.
                • Brand Visibility: From Instagram sensation to eCommerce success story, Label Pretz’s visibility soared, attracting new customers intrigued by their offerings.
              Label Pretz Orders

              Additionally, one of the standout features we implemented was a retention strategy for customers about to cancel their orders. When a customer initiates an order cancellation, the website offers them an instant discount to incentivize them to complete their purchase. This critical feature cannot be effectively managed through Instagram alone, highlighting the necessity of a dedicated eCommerce platform.

              The partnership between Label Pretz and Catchy Peak wasn’t just about business; it was a collaboration fuelled by passion and a shared vision for growth. If you’re a business looking to expand your digital footprint, consider what Catchy Peak did for Label Pretz – turning dreams into reality, one click at a time.


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