How we ranked our Client’s Business Top3 in Google Maps

How we ranked our Client's Business Top3 in Google Maps

Explore the journey that took PM IAS Academy | Best IAS academy in Coimbatore to the top3 position on Google Maps! 


Join us as we look at the strategies, challenges, and triumphs that led to this incredible accomplishment. 


Let’s dive in and discover the secrets of our client’s exceptional performance!

Google Maps rankings

Pain points we faced in the google maps ranking process

Intense Competition:

  • The digital marketplace is crowded, and every business wants to secure a top spot on Google Maps.
  • It can be difficult to stand out in the face of intense competition.

Algorithmic Mysteries:

  • Google’s Maps ranking algorithm is complex and constantly evolving.
  • Understanding the complexities of this algorithm and keeping up with its changes necessitates expertise and effort.

Local SEO Challenges:

  • Optimizing your business profile for local search queries entails several factors, including keyword optimization, NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone Number), and accumulating positive reviews.
  • It can be difficult to strike an effective balance between these elements.

Disappearing Reviews:

  • Another source of frustration stems from the precarious nature of online reviews, often disappearing from a business profile without warning.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at PM IAS Academy's Google map ranking Process

We took over the project in March 2023; at that time, the ranking was in the top 15 for the keyword “IAS Academy in Coimbatore,”

We dove into some keyword research, came up with some fresh ideas, and began fine-tuning the business profile.

But, uh-oh, sometimes progress means a little setback. Optimizations caused a dip in rankings, and we felt like we were back at the beginning.

After three months, and we were back on track! It was a bit of a wild ride, especially when those precious reviews vanished out of thin air. Heartbreaking, right? 

But we didn’t let that stop us. We reached out to the Google support team, sent a few emails, and – ta-da! – our reviews were back! With our spirits lifted, we kept pushing forward.

Google Maps rankings
Last 6 months ranking report

And guess what? Eight months later, we were over the moon! Not only did we regain our lost ground, but we also rocketed to the top 3 rankings on Google.

The best part? Our client was flooded with quality leads, showing that all our hard work truly paid off. So, here’s the takeaway: even when the road gets bumpy, the journey is always worth it in the end.

Google Maps rankings
2024 Jan month calls report

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